Round 7 update


Match Report - Round 7 - Roots Football League Season 8

In the under 8 age category, the playoff matches for the first and third places were played. BLK Lions defeated PN Rao Hawks 3-1 in the first place playoff match. The third place playoff match was played between Unitus Capital Cheetahs and Jobsforher Eagles which ended in a draw in regular time but Cheetahs beat Eagles in the Penalty Shootout. Thus BLK Lions emerged as the champions with PN Rao Hawks finishing as the Runners-Up. In the under 10 age category, the last round of league matches were played. Stallions remained unbeaten in the tournament without losing even a single match and emerged as the champions. Unibic Sharks finished as the Runners-Up. Stallions gathered 21 points playing 7 games and Sharks gathered 15 points in as many games.

In the under 12 age category, the last round of league matches were played with Unitus Capital Cheetahs emerging champions and Unibic Sharks finishing as the Runners-Up. Cheetahs and Sharks, both finished level on 14 points but Cheetahs finished above Sharks in the table courtesy a better head-to-head record.

In the under 15 age category, the final leg of the playoff games were played with Unitus Capital Cheetahs winning the first place playoff match against Unibic Sharks 7-4 on aggregate. Loggerheads Rhinos defeated Jobsforher Eagles in the third place playoff match 9-5 on aggregate. PN Rao Hawks defeated BLK Lions in the fifth place playoff match 8-6 on aggregate.


• Around 220 kids from over 80 schools participated in the tournament. • 26 teams divided into 4 age categories of U8,U10,U12,U15 of children in the age category of 4-15 years. • Around 50 Parents volunteered as Coaches of the teams.

Scores: League Round 7

Under 8

  • M#1: Finals: BLK Lions defeated PN Rao Hawks 3-1 (Lions: Syed Nouman Sadiq-3)(Hawks: Young Savio E-1) Player of the match: Nakul Shetty(Lions)
  • M#2: 3rd place: Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated Jobsforher Eagles on penalties 3-2(3-3) (Cheetahs: Pradyun Sudhakar-1, Rehan Swain-1, Siddhant Ganjam-1)(Hansel Joe-1, Ritvik Pai-1, (OG-1)) Player of the match: Ritvik Pai(Eagles)

Under 10

  • M#1: Stallions defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs 5-4 (Stallions: Agrim Bhattacharya-3, Avanindra Naik-1, Nirmal Athreya-1)(Cheetahs: Dhruv Prabhakar-1, Ishaan Chopra-1, Nikhil Reddy-1, Ronav Pai-1) Player of the match: Sanvi Sudhakar(Stallions)
  • M#2: Unibic Sharks defeated BLK Lions 2-1 (Sharks: Aarush Prasanth-1, Rachit Daga-1)(Lions: Bhuvan Chandra Reddy-1) Player of the match- Aarush Prasanth(Sharks)
  • M#3: Loggerheads Rhinos defeated Bisons 4-2 (Rhinos: Mohammed Armaan Anish-3, Anaira Dutta-1)(Bisons: Gautham Sony M-1, Gideon Haokip-1) Player of the match- Mohammed Armaan Anish(Rhinos)
  • M#4: Jobsforher Eagles defeated PN Rao Hawks 6-4 (Eagles: Dev Bagaria-2, Nithil Subramani-2, Samanyu Sudhakar-2)(Hawks: Dhruv Sidana-3, Anant Deshpande-1) Player of the match- Nithil Subramani(Eagles)

Under 12

  • M#1: Pn Rao Hawks defeated Loggerheads Rhinos 1-0 (Hawks: Agastya Dutta-1) Player of the match- Amogh Purohit(Hawks)
  • M#2: Unibic Sharks drew Jobsforher Eagles 2-2 (Sharks: Ahan Gupta-1, Rahul Karthik-1)(Eagles: Pramit Majumdar-1, Raghav Karthik-1) Player of the match- Ahan Gupta(Sharks)
  • M#3: Bisons drew Unitus Capital Cheetahs 1-1 (Bisons: Joel V-1)(Cheetahs: Atul Pulipra-1) Player of the match- Joel V(Bisons)
  • M#4: BLK Lions defeated Stallions 3-0 (Lions: Varshan Solomon-2, Advik Gujrati-1) Player of the match- Varshan Solomon(Lions)

Under 15

  • M#1: Finals: Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated Unibic Sharks 5-2 (Cheetahs: Mohamed Zidan Makandar-2, Aryan Girish-1, Omar Syed Abid-1, Vivaan Kothari-1)(Sharks: Rajeev Maddara-2) Player of the match- Shaaunak Bajaj(Cheetahs)
  • M#2: 3rd place: Loggerheads Rhinos defeated Jobsforher Eagles 4-3 (Rhinos: Prateek Nambiar-3, Shreyas C-1)(Eagles: Ahmed Hussain-1, Joel Moses-1, Samarth Somisetty-1) Player of the match- Dhanush Naidu(Rhinos)
  • M#3: 5th place: PN Rao Hawks defeated BLK Lions 6-2 (Hawks: Varun Moorthy-2, Syed Rayan Habib-2, Purujeet Jha-1)(Lions: AjayArjun N Manikantan-1, Akshay Kannan-1) Player of the match- Preetham Manjunath(Lions)