Round 1 update


Match Report - Round 1 - Roots Football League Season 8

The eighth season of Roots Football League for junior footballers completed its 1st League round matches this weekend at the Turf Park, Koramangala. The two month long weekend football league has youngsters in the age groups of 4-15, demonstrating their football skills in a competitive environment. Divided into 4 categories; Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Under 15, each of the teams will play around 7 matches to be crowned as the champions of the league in their respective categories.

A uniquely structured league format tournament, the Roots Football League will be played out in a league and knockout format for the U-15, U-8 age categories where playoffs will be held on the final match day in accordance to the league standings. The U-12 and U-10 will be round robin league format with no playoffs. The league follows the small sided games philosophy to give more touches to players and hence, developing more skillful players. The matches vary between 4-a-side, which is for U-8 age group, 7-a-side, which is for U-12 age group and 5-a-side, which is applicable to all other age groups. Each of the matches will be played for a total of 40 minutes which is a summation of 4 quarters each of 10 minutes. Another unique feature of the league is that, all the players in a team have to play a minimum of 2 quarters in each match, to ensure everyone gets equal amount of playing time on the pitch. The last round of matches are scheduled on the 23rd of February. All matches are officiated by referees from the Karnataka State Football Association.

The participants register themselves individually and are divided into teams based on their assessed level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 52 parent coaches taking charge of various teams.

Scores: League Round 1

Under 8

  • Unitus Capital Cheetahs drew Jobsforher Eagles 3-3 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Pradyun Sudhakar-2, Siddhant Ganjam- 1) ( Jobsforher Eagles: Hansel Joe-1, Prathmesh Pandey-1, Ritvik Pai-1) Player of the match- Pradyun Sudhakar (Unitus Capital Cheetahs) li>
  • M#2: BLK Lions defeated PN Rao Hawks 9-5 (BLK Lions- Syed Nouman Sadiq-3, Aarav George-3, Ishan Swain-2, Pratham Rajeshsingh-1) (PN Rao Hawks- Ravi Bhat-3, Rivaan Ranka-1, Vihaan Modi-1) Player of the match- Aarav George(BLK Lions) + Syed Nouman Sadiq(BLK Lions)

Under 10

  • BLK Lions defeated Lions 4-0 (BLK Lions: Bhuvan Chandra Reddy-3, Vivaan Chopra-1) Player of the match- Bhuvan Chandra Reddy(BLK Lions)
  • M#2: Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated Unibic Sharks 9-6 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Dhruv Prabhakar-5, Ishaan Chopra-3, Nikhil Reddy-1) (Unibic Sharks: Rachit Daga-2, Ethan Joel-2, Ari B-1, Advik Amith-1) Player of the match- Dhruv Prabhakar(Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#3:Stallions beat Jobsforher Eagles 9-3 (Stallions: Avanindra Naik-5, Agrim Bhattacharya-4) (Jobs For Her Eagles: Samanyu Sudhakar-2, Divij Kadidal-1) Player of the match- Agrim Bhattacharya(Stallions)
  • M#4: PN Rao Hawks Beat Loggerheads Rhinos 9-7 (PN Rao Hawks: Dhruv Sidana-5, Anant Deshpande-3, Hrudyansh Dutta-1) (Loggerheads Rhinos: Vyom Kammili- 5, Ratul Reddy-1, Aarnav Prakash-1) Player of the match- Anant Deshpande(PN Rao Hawks)

Under 12

  • M#1: Jobsforher Eagles beat Bisons 3-1 (JobsForHer Eagles: Adrik Dey-2, Pramit Majumdar-1) (Bisons: Sameer Doss-1) Player of the match- Raghav Karthik(JobsForHer Eagles)
  • M#2: PN Rao Hawks drew Unibic Sharks 1-1 (PN Rao Hawks: Shlok Somashekar-1) (Unibic Sharks: Rahul Karthik-1) Player of the match- Aanya Mody (PN Rao Hawks)
  • M#3: Loggerheads Rhinos beat Stallions 3-0 (Loggerheads Rhinos: Ritvik Agarwala-1, Satvik Doppalapudi-1, Neel C-1(og)) Player of the match- Satvik Doppalapudi(Loggerheads Rhinos)
  • M#4:Unitus Capital Cheetahs beat BLK Lions 1-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Darsh Arun-1) Player of the match- Pranat Jain(Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 15

  • M#1:UNIBIC SHARKS DREW LOGGERHEADS RHINOS 4-4 (Unibic Sharks: Rahul Chetry-2, Danush Roshan-1, Rajeev Maddara-1) (Loggerheads Rhinos: Prateek Nambiar-2, Aston Mathias-1, Nishant C-1) Player of the match- Prateek Nambiar(Loggerheads Rhinos)
  • M#2:Jobsforher Eagles Drew BLK Lions 2-2 (Jobsforher Eagles: Kanishk Sharma-1, S. Hari Krishna-1) (BLK Lions: Utkarsh N-1, Veer Choudhari-1) Player of the match- Samarth Somisetty(Jobsforher Eagles)
  • M#3:Unitus Capital Cheetahs beat PN Rao Hawks 5-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Mohamed Zidan Makandar-2, Aryan Girish-1, Karan Machani-1, Shaaunak Bajaj-1) (PN Rao Hawks: Syed Rayan Habib-1) Player Of The Match- Mohamed Zidan Makandar(Unitus Capital Cheetahs).