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Match Report - Final Round - The Tamarind Tree - RFL Season 7

The final round of matches of The Tamarind Tree - Roots Football League were played on 24th of February 2019 at Turf Park Koramangala. In the U-15 category, the BL Kashyap Lions came back from a goal down to defeat JobsForHer Eagles 4-3 in a pulsating final match to clinch the championship.

In the deciding match of the Under 13's Rhinos cantered through to win against closest rivals JobsForHer Eagles to win the league unbeaten at the top. The Stallions win against Unitus Capital Cheetahs pushed them to second in the standing after seven weeks of matches

In the three way tussle for the Under 11 Championship, Bisons emerged champions after BLK Lions inflicted a decisive defeat to the toppers PN Rao Hawks and therby helping Bisons, who defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs. The BLK Lions win also pushed them to second, while PN Rao Hawks had to settle for thrid place

In the under 9 category, BLK Lions and Unitus Capital Cheetahs played another intense match, with the Lions narrowly emerging winners 4-3 and maintaining their unbeaten run, in a tough table

In the Under 7 finale, Unitus Capital Cheetahs came all guns blazing at the right moments and defeated JobsForHer Eagles convincingly by 7-1

Scores: Final Round

Under 7

  • Finals: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def. JobsForHer Eagles 7-1.(Cheetahs: Ishaan Chopra 4, Nakul Bidappa 1, Johaan Thomas 1; JobsForHer Eagles Dev Bagaria 1) Player Of The Match: Nakul Bidappa (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • 3rd place: PN Rao Hawks lost To BLK Lions on penalties. FT: 4-4 (PN Rao Hawks;Divit Sheth 2, Pratham R 2; BLK Lions: Keshav Ajay 3,Vivaan Chopra 1 ) Player Of The Match: Pratham Rajesh (PN Rao Hawks)

Under 9

  • Finals: BLK Lions def. Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-3 (BLK Lions: Rachit Daga 1, Anant Deshpande 3; Cheetahs: Avanindra Naik 2,Dhruv Prabhakar 1) Player Of The Match- Shaan Choudhari
  • 3rd place: JobsForHer Eagles def. PN Rao Hawks 4-3 (Eagles: Vikrant Kamat 3,Medhannsh Verma 1;PN Rao Hawks: Taran Roy 1, Vrishank Subramanian 1, Ram Srivastava 1) Player Of The Match- Dhruv Sidana

Under 11

  • M#25: Bisons def. Unitus Capital Cheetahs 7-4 Player Of The Match: Max Savage (Cheetahs)
  • M#26: BLK Lions def. PN Rao Hawks 7-3 (BLK Lions: Atul Pulipara 5, Darshan Pai 1, Vishnu Iyengar 1; Hawks: Gugoon 1,Adrik Dey 2) Player Of The Match- Siddharth Prasad (BLK Lions)
  • M#27: Sharks def. Stallions 10-6 (Sharks: Siddharth Jayanth 6, Nandan Menon 4; Stallions: Aarush Arun Urs 1, Raghav Karthik 2, Aniruddh Raman 2, Aditya Poojari 1) Player Of the Match- Satvik D (Sharks)
  • M#28: Rhinos def. Jobsforher Eagles 15-2 (Rhinos: Sehajvir A 9,Advik Gujrati 4,Taruvar Sirsi 1; Jobsforher Eagles: Keshav Satagopan 2) Player Of The Match- Sehajvir Arora

Under 13

  • M#25: Bisons def. BLK Lions 4-3 (Bisons: Bhavish 1, Joseph 2, Abdullah 1; Lions :Zidan 1, Stephen 1) Player Of The Match- Parv C
  • M#26: JobsForHer Eagles lost to Rhinos 1-5 (Eagles: Yash Bhallal -1; Rhinos- Liyan Thanveer 2,Neel Roy 1,Rajeev Maddara 1) Player Of The Match- Zayan
  • M#27 Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to Stallions 6-11 (Cheetahs :Harshil Panwar 3 Gautam Rajesh 3: Stallions :Avanish 1, Ayaan 2, Astom Mathias 5, Aden 2, Akansh 1) Player Of The Match-Shravya Manoj
  • M#28: Sharks lost to PN Rao Hawks 6-3 Player Of The Match- Debraj Basu

Under 15

  • Finals: BLK Lions Def. Jobs For Her Eagle 4-2(BLK Lions: Saud Baig 2, Vidur1, Girish 1; Eagles: Siddharth Roy 2) Player Of The Match-Dhruv Naveen
  • 3rd place: PN Rao Hawks lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-6( PN Rao Hawks : Anuj Shah 1,Nihaar Maniram 1,Hari Krishna 1; Cheetahs :Rahul 1, Fadil 2, Aryan Raj 2, Kaushik 1) Player Of Match- Aryan Raj