Round 5 update


Match Report - Round 5 - The Tamarind Tree - Roots Football League Season 7

After Matchday 5 of RFL season 7, in the Under 7 category, hatricks by Dev Bagaria and Anirudh Raman, powered JobsForHer. Eagles to a comfortable win over BLK Lions and into the second spot. Unitus Capital Cheetahs prevailing over PN Rao Hawks to stay at the top of the table in a close encounter with the match deadlocked till the dying minutes.

In the Under 9 category, the close battles continued with BLK Lions and PN Rao Hawks splitting points, while Unitus Capital Cheetahs narrowly winning to claim second spot before the final league round.

In the under 11 category, PN Rao Hawks continued their stay at the top, in spite of a loss, while BLK Lions climbed into second spot at the expense of Unitus Capital Cheetahs who slipped to fourth place behind Bisons, but still within striking distance of the top teams.

In the under 13 age category, Rhinos continue unbeaten at the top of the table with 15 points, closely followed by JobsForHer Eagles (12) who dropped points over the weekend and Stallions (12) who won both their matches. The last two rounds are crucial for all the three teams as they have matches against each other. PN Rao made their presence by handing JobsForHer Eagles their first defeat, while the other teams will be looking to make the last couple of rounds count for maximum and upset the other teams

In the Under 15 category, JobsForHer Eagles though still on top at 10 points, had a tough week drawing against Unitus Capital Cheetahs and narrowly losing against BLK Lions. BLK Lions won both their matches over the weekend to close the gap with JobsForEagles and vie for the second playoff spot. Unitus Capital Cheetahs while upsetting the toppers to still stay in contention for a playoff spot, had a forgettable day against PN Rao Hawks

Scores: League Round 5

Under 7

  • M#1 JobsForHer Eagles defeated BLK Lions 7-3 (Eagles: Dev-3, Aditya-3)(Lions: Vivaan-1, Avani-1, Hansel-1) POM- Dev (Eagles)
  • M#2: PN Rao Hawks lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-3 (Hawks: Zaayed-2)(Ishaan-3) POM- Zaayed (Hawks)

Under 9

  • M#1:PN Rao Hawks drew against BLK Lions 3-3 (Hawks: Bhuvan-1, Samanyu-2)(Anant-1, Rohan-2) POM-Bhuvan (Hawks)
  • M#2: Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated JobsForHer Eagles 4-3 (Cheetahs: Dhruv Prabhakar-3, Avanindra Naik-1)(Eagles: Vikrant-1, Dhruv-1, Medhannsh-1) POM-Vikrant (Eagles)

Under 11

  • M#1: M#1 Sharks lost to Bisons 2-4 (Sharks: Jinendra-1, Siddharth-1)(Bisons: Dhruv-1, Rahul-2, Ahaan-1) POM- Rahul (Bisons)
  • M#2: Rhinos lost to PN Rao Hawks 4-6 (Rhinos: Dev-1, Advik-3)(Hawks: Ishaan-2, Ahan-3, Pranav-1) POM-Dev (Hawks)
  • M#3: Stallions lost to BLK Lions 3-4 (Stallions: Aarush-2, Aditya-1)(Lions: Atul-1, Yuvraj-1, Darshan-1, Agastya-1) POM- Raghav (Stallions)
  • M#4: JobsForHer Eagles defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs 12-8 (Eagles: Keshav-1, Ritvik-3, Yuv-6, Nipun-1)(Cheetahs: Pramit-7, Sohan-1) POM- Yuv (Eagles)

Under 13

  • M#1:Stallions defeated Bisons 5-3 (Stallions: Ayaan-2, Aston-2, Aden-1)(Bisons: Joseph Micheal-2, Mishant-1) POM- Aston (Stallions)
  • M#2: PN Rao Hawks defeated JobsForHer Eagles 4-3 (Hawks: Farid-2, Debraj-2)(Eagles: Yash-2, Samarth-1) POM- Laksh (Hawks) /li>
  • M#3:Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to Rhinos 2-12 (Cheetahs: Gautham-2)(Rhinos: Nishant-3, Liyan-3, Neel-2, Vihaan-2, Rajeev-2) POM- Pranav (Cheetahs)
  • M#4: Sharks defeated BLK Lions 4-3 (Sharks: Kushik-1, Aditya-2)(Lions: Mohamed Zidan-1, Aditya-1, Abhay-1) POM- Adithya (Sharks)

Under 15

  • M#1:JobsForHer Eagles lost to BLK Lions 2-5 (Eagles: Dhruv-1, OG-1)(Lions: Vidur-2, Daksh-3) POM-Vidur (Lions)
  • M#2: PN Rao Hawks defeated Uniyus Capital Cheetahs 7-1 (Hawks: Syed-1, Nihaar-2, Hari Krishna-3)(Cheetahs: Varun-1) POM- Hari Krishna (Hawks)