Round 2 update


Match Report - Round 2 - Roots Football League Season 7.

After Matchday 2 of the RFL Season 7, in the Under 15 category, JobsForHer Eagles are at the top of the table with 6 points each. Unitus Capital Cheetahs scored 3 against PN Rao Hawks who only scored 1, and easily edged to victory. Rahul and Koushik’s hardwork earned the team a much deserved victory. Dhruv and Siddharth scored braces each to help JobsForHerEagles to a narrow win over BLK Lions.

In the Under 13 category, Rhinos top the table followed by JobsForHer Eagles and BLK Lions. Bisons drew against PN Rao Hawks with 2 goals each. Both the teams were on their toes and were determined not to give their opponents any scope to score. Sujit scored a beautiful header during the very last minutes to help his team equalize. Stallions defeated BLK Lions 8-7, in a close match with Aston from Stallions and Mohammad Zidan from Lions scoring 5 goals each. Rhinos defeated Sharks 10-6 in a dominating fashion with Neel Roy’s magnificent 5 goal performance. JobsForHer Eagles did not concede even a single goal and won against Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-0.

In the Under 11 category, Unitus Capital Cheetahs still maintain the 1st position followed by PN Rao Hawks in the 2nd position. PN Rao Hawks produced a scintillating performance as Ahan scored 4 for his team to help them achieve victory over JobsForHer Eagles.. BLK Lions lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs by a narrow margin 5-6. Vishnu’s hattrick was not enough for the Lions to secure the victory. Rhinos lost to Sharks with 3 goals to 9. Sharks produced an excellent performance with Siddharth scoring 7 goals which gave the Rhinos no chance to compete. Stallions lost to Bisons in a seemingly close encounter, however, Dhruv’s 4 goals topped Aarush’s 3 goals and helped the Bisons to win.

In the Under 9 category, BLK Lions lead the race and is followed close by PN Rao Hawk. PN Rao Hawks lost to BLK Lions in a close battle, however Rachit’s performance helped his team to edge towards victory. JobsForHer Eagles lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs in another close match which saw both the teams trying to take the lead.

In the Under 7 category, PN Rao Hawks are in the 2nd position in the table while Unitus Capital Cheetahs sit at the top currently. In the BLK Lions v/s JobsForHer Eagles match, Keshav and Vivaan were on fire as they netted two goals each and this exhilarating performance earned them a clear victory. While Unitus Capital Cheetahs drew against PN Rao Hawks where both the teams went head to head against each other with Ishaan and Zayeed both scoring braces for their respective teams.

Scores: League Round 2

Under 7

  • M#1: BLK Lions defeated JobsForHer Eagles 5-2. (BLK Lions: Vivaan Chopra-2, Keshav Ajay-2, Pratap Abraham-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Ritvik Pai-1, Aditya Raman TV-1) Player of the match- Keshav Ajay (BLK Lions)
  • M#2: Unitus Capital Cheetahs drew against PN Rao Hawks 2-2 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Ishaan Chopra-2) (PN Rao Hawks: Zaayed M. Syed-2) Player of the match- Ishaan Chopra (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 9

  • M#1:PN Rao Hawks lost to BLK Lions 2-3 (PN Rao Hawks: Samanyu Sudhakar-2) (BLK Lions: Rachit Daga-2, Rohan Maniram-1) Player of the match- Rachit Daga (BLK Lions)
  • M#2: JobsForHer Eagles lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs 3-5 (JobsForHer Eagles: Dhruv Sidana-2, Medhannsh Verma-1) (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Dhruv Prabhakar-4, Vidhan Ranka-1) Player of the match- Dhruv Prabhakar (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 11

  • M#1: PN Rao Hawks defeated JobsForHer Eagles 6-3 (PN Rao Hawks: Gugoon-1, Ahan Sanjeev Gupta-4, Mischa Cardoza-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Ritvik Agarwala-2, Keshav Satagopan-1) Player of the match- Mischa Cardoza (PN Rao Hawks)
  • M#2: BLK Lions lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs 5-6 (BLK Lions: Darshan Pai-1, Vishnu Iyengar-3, Agastya Dutta-1) (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Sameer Doss-4, Pranav KR-1, Sohan Patnaik-1) Player of the match- Sameer Doss (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#3: Rhinos lost to Sharks 3-9 (Rhinos: Advik Gujrati-3) (Sharks: Siddharth-7, Rudra-2) Player of the match- Siddharth (Sharks)
  • M#4: Stallions lost to Bisons 5-7 (Stallions: Aarush Arun Urs-3, Raghav Karthik-1, Aniruddh Raman TV-1) (Bisons: Om Panigrahi-1, Dhruv C-4, Rahul Karthik-2) Player of the match- Dhruv C (Bisons)

Under 13

  • M#1:Bisons drew against PN Rao Hawks 2-2 (Bisons: Bhavish Karthik M-1, Joseph Michael-1) (PN Rao Hawks: Laksh sidana-1, Sujit N-1) Player of the match- Sujit N (PN Rao Hawks)
  • M#2: Stallions defeated BLK Lions 8-7 (Stallions: Aston Mathias-5, Ayaan Savant-2, Amara Acharya-1) (BLK Lions: Mohammad Zidan Makandar-5, Nikhil Sampath-2) Player of the match- Mohammad Zidan Makandar (BLK Lions) /li>
  • M#3:Rhinos defeated Sharks 10-6 (Rhinos: Nishant C-2, Liyan Thanveer-1, Neel Roy-5, Mihir Karve-2) (Sharks: Kushik G Poojary-2, Joseph Mathew-1, Aditya Tomar-2, Naman Bohra-1) Player of the match- Neel Roy (Rhinos)
  • M#4: Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to JobsForHer Eagles 4-0 (JobsForHer Eagles: Yash Ballal-3, Karan Gopalan-1) Player of the match- Vaali Kishore (JobsForHer Eagles)

Under 15

  • M#1:Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated PN Rao Hawks 3-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs:Rahul Chhetry-1,Koushik Bhaskaran-1, Karan Ram Machani-1) (PN Rao Hawks: Anuj Shah-1) Player of the match- Vedh Shreedev (PN Rao Hawks)
  • M#2: BLK Lions lost to JobsForHer Eagles 3-4 (BLK Lions: Saud Baig-1, Girish Aswani-1, Vidur Ayappa-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Dhruv Singh-2, Siddhartha Roychoudhury-2) Player of the match- Dhruv Singh (JobsForHer Eagles)