Round 1 update


Match Report - Round 1 - Roots Football League Season 7.

The seventh season of Roots Football League for junior footballers completed its 1st League round matches this weekend at the Turf Park, Koramangala. The two month long weekend football league has youngsters in the age groups of 4-15, demonstrating their football skills in a competitive environment. Divided into 5 categories; Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15, each of the teams will play a minimum of 6 to7 matches to be crowned as the champions of the league in their respective categories.

A uniquely structured league format tournament, the Roots Football League will be played out in a league and knockout format for the U-15, U-9 and U-7 age categories where playoffs will be held on the final match day in accordance to the league standings. The U-13 and U-11 will be round robin league format with no playoffs. The league follows the small sided games philosophy to give more touches to players and hence, developing more skillful players. The matches vary between 4-a-side, which is for U-7 age group and 5-a-side, which is applicable to all other age groups. Each of the matches will be played for a total of 40 minutes which is a summation of 4 quarters each of 10 minutes. Another unique feature of the league is that, all the players in a team have to play a minimum of 2 quarters in each match, to ensure everyone gets equal amount of playing time on the pitch. The last round of matches are scheduled on the 24th of February. All matches are officiated by referees from the Karnataka State Football Association.

The participants register themselves individually and are divided into teams based on their level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 32 parent coaches taking charge of various teams.

The participants register themselves individually and are divided into teams based on their assessed level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 32 parent coaches taking charge of various teams.

Scores: League Round 1

Under 7

  • M#1: PN RAO HAWKS defeated BLK LIONS LIONS LIONS 6-2 (PN Rao Hawks: Zaayed M. Syed-6) (BLK LIONS LIONS: Keshav Ajay-5) Player of the match- Keshav Ajay (BLK LIONS Lions)
  • M#2: UNITUS CAPITAL CHEETAHS defeated JOBSFORHER EAGLES 8-4 (Cheetahs: Ishaan Chopra-4, Johaan Thomas-4) (Eagles: Aditya Raman TV-2, Diego Elmar-2) Player of the match- Aditya Raman TV (JobsForHer Eagles)

Under 9

  • M#1:PN Rao Hawks defeated JobsForHer Eagles 5-4 (PN Rao Hawks: Samanyu Sudhakar-5, Taran Roy-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Medhannsh Verma-2, Dhruv Sidana-1, Armaan Mohammed-1) Player of the match- Samanyu Sudhakar (PN Rao Hawks)
  • M#2: BLK LIONS Lions defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-2 (BLK LIONS Lions: Rachit Daga-1, Anant Deshpande-1, Ari Bhattacharjee-1, Rohan Maniram-1) (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Dhruv prabhakar-2) Player of the match- Rohan Maniram (BLK LIONS Lions) + Dhruv Prabhakar (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 11

  • M#1: PN Rao Hawks defeated Sharks 5-0 (PN Rao Hawks: Gugoon-1, Dhayan Ayush AR-1, Ahan Sanjeev Gupta-1, Adrik Dey-2) Player of the match- Nandan P Menon (Sharks)
  • M#2: BLK LIONS Lions lost to Bisons 6-8 (BLK LIONS Lions: Om Panigrahi-3, Dhruv C-2, Skandhan Sriramkannan-1) (Bisons: Atul Pulipra- 6, Darshan Pai-1, Agastya Dutta-1) Player of the match- Dhruv C (BLK LIONS Lions)
  • M#3: Rhinos lost to Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-11 (Rhinos: Advik Gujrati-3, Aarsh Shome-1) (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Sameer Doss-2, Pramit Majumdar-2, Pranav KR-5, Max Savage-1, Sohan Patnaik-1) Player of the match- Pranav KR
  • M#4: Stallions defeated JobsForHer Eagles 10-3 (Stallions: Aarush Arun Urs-6, Raghav Karthik-1, Aditya V Poojari-1, Aniruddh Raman TV-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Keshav Satagopan-1, Arjun Shanmukh-1, Yuv Bagaria-3) Player of the match- Aarush Arun Urs (Stallions) + Vivaan Uthappa (Stallions)

Under 13

  • M#1:JobsForHer Eagles defeated Stallions 7-6 (JobsForHer Eagles: Haaniah Ahmed-1, Yash Ballal-3, Mohammed Zayan-3) (Stallions: Avanish Brahmankar-1, Ayaan Savant-2, Aston Mathias-2, Aden Mario Benedict-1) Player of the match- Haaniah Ahmed (JobsForHer Eagles)
  • Bisons lost to Rhinos 2-7 (Bisons: Joseph Michael Pittappillil-2) (Rhinos: Liyan Thanveer-4, Neel Roy-3) Player of the match- Liyan Thanveer (Rhinos)
  • M#3:PN Rao Hawks lost to BLK LIONS Lions 6-8 (PN Rao Hawks: Farid Abdussemee-4, Karthikay Chandana-1, Sujit N-1) (BLK LIONS Lions: Aditya Pillai-1, Nikhil Sampath-3, Abhay Balakrishnan-4) Player of the match-Abhay Balakrishnan (BLK LIONS Lions)
  • Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to Sharks 7-10 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Harshil Panwar-2, Gautham Rajesh-5) (Sharks: Kushik G Poojary-3, Aditya Tomar-2, Sai Shreyas Suryaprakash-2, Arnav Palrecha-3) Player of the match- Gautham Rajesh (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 15

  • M#1:Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to JobsForHer Eagles 2-5 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Fadil Abdussemee-1, Karan Ram Machani-1) (JobsForHer Eagles: Dhruv Singh-1, Siddhartha Roychoudhury-1, Danush Roshan-1, Taneesh Singam-2) Player of the match- Taneesh Singam (JobsForHer Eagles)
  • M#2: BLK Lions defeated PN Rao Hawks 6-2 (BLK Lions: Saud Baig-3, Daksh Kapoor-2, Vidur Ayappa-1) (PN Rao Hawks: Anuj Shah-1, Hari Krishna-1) Player of the match- Saud Baig (BLK Lions)