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Match Report - Round 7 - Roots Football League Season 6.

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The last league round and final play-off matches of the sixth season of the Roots Football League were played at the TurfPark, Koramangala today. The teams gave everything they had to win the league. In the Under 13 BLK Lions won 4-2 against PN Rao Rhinos to tie on 15 points with Sharks who won their match against Aarwind Hawks 3-1. BLK Lions emerged champions based on their better head to head record against Sharks.

In the Under 11 category, Stallions won the league in style by beating RFF Bisons 7-3 in their last match to maintain their position on the top of the league. BLK Lions finished second in the league winning their last match against PN Rao Rhinos 5-3.

In the Under 9 category, Sharks were crowned as champions after beating Drunken Monkey Eagles 3-2 in the second leg and winning on overall aggregate 8-4 over the two play-off legs.

In the Under 7 category, Sharks beat Arwind Hawks in sudden death, penalty shootout as the two teams were tied after the two play-off legs on 6-6 aggregate goals to win the championship. Aarwind Hawks came from behind in the second leg to score 3-1 and tie overall on aggregate.

Scores: Play Off Matches - First Leg

Under 7

  • First Place Playoff - 2nd Leg: Sharks lost to AAR Wind Hawks: 1-3 (Sharks:Taran Roy -1;AAR Wind Hawks: Rachit Daga 2,Kayaan Mehta 1). Aggregate Score: 6-6. Sharks won on penalties: 4-3. Player of the match : Vrishank S
  • Third place playoff - 2nd Leg: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def. PN Rao Rhinos 4-2 (Cheetahs: Anant Deshpande 2,Sanvi Sudhakar 1,Rohit Reddy 1;Rhinos: Vivaan Daga 1, Ishaan Chopra 1) Player of the match : Anant Deshpande.
    PN Rao Rhiinos def Unitus Capital Cheetahs on aggregate score 11-6.
  • Fifth place Playoff- 2nd Leg: Drunken Monkey Eagles drew with BLK Lions: 4-4 Player of the match : Vivaan Chopra.
    BLK Lions won on aggregate score 9-4.

Under 9

  • First play playoff : 2nd Leg: Sharks def. Drunken Monkey Eagles 3-2 (Sharks: Sehajvir 2,Rahul Karthik 1;Eagles: Atul Pulipra 2) Player of the match : Sehajvir Arora
    Sharks won on aggregate 8-4.
  • Third place playoff:- Unitus Capital Cheetahs def. BLK Lions 6-1. (Cheetahs: Dhruv 4,Maximus 2; Lions: Shashank 1) Player of the match : Maximus Savage
    Unitus Capital Cheetahs won on aggregate 9-2
  • Fifth place playoff: 2nd Leg: AAR Wind Hawks drew with PN Rao Rhinos 2-2 (Hawks: Vikrant 1,Vedansh 1;Rhinos: Abraham 1,Yuv 1) Player of the match : Yuv Bagaria
    AAR Wind hawks won on aggregate: 9-3.

League Round 7

Under 11

  • Stallions def. Bisons 7-3 (Stallions: Ayaan 3, Farid 1,Agamvir 2,Aditya AK 1; Bisons: Pranjal 1,Aston 1, Laksh 1) Player of the match : Ayaan Sawant
  • Aarwind Hawks beat Unitus Capital Cheetahs 7-4 (Hawks:Dhruv 5,Vishruth 1,Aadit 1;Cheetahs: Keshav 1,Aarush 1,Gautam 1) Player of the match : Aadit Senapati
  • Drunken Monkey Eagles def. Sharks 6-1 (Eagles: Yash 3,Pramit 3; Sharks: Rishabh Paul 1) Player of the match : Om Panigrami
  • BLK Lions def. PN Rao Rhinos 5-3 (Lions:Liyan 2,Neel 1,Adrik 1,Joel 1; Rhinos:Kanva 3) Player of the match : Kanva Shrish

Under 13

  • BLK Lions def. PN Rao Rhinos 4-2 (Lions: Kaustubh 1,Suhaan 1,Yodhin 2; Rhinos: Aadesh 1, Kaustubh (OG) Player of the match : Suhaan B
  • Sharks def. Aarwind Hawks 3-1 (Sharks: Jai 1,Gavin 2;Hawks:Rahul 1) Player of the match : Rahul Thomas
  • Drunken Monkey Eagles drew with Stallions 2-2 (Eagles:Yash 2; Stallions:Aryan 2) Player of the match : Yash Vishal
  • Unitus Capital Cheetahs def. RFF Bisons 6-4 (Cheetahs: Vignesh 1,Mihiran 1,Shreyas 1,Siddhartha 3; Bisons: Darin 3,Bhavesh 1) Player of the match : Trinity Savage