Round 6


Match Report - Day 6 - Roots Football League Season 5.

The Under 13 saw the Iris Sharks win their match with the RFF Hawks to clinch the championship. The other age categories saw the first leg of the play off matches to decide on final positions. The second leg of the play off matches will be played next week.

Scores: League Round 6 / Play off - 1st Leg

Under 7

  • 1st Place Play-off: BLK Lions def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1( BLK Lions-Samanyu 2; Unitus Capital Cheetahs-Ryyaan-1 Player of the Match: Samanyu (BLK Lions)
  • 3rd Place Play-off:: RDI Bisons def Orchestrate Eagles 3-1( RDI Bisons; Rachit Daga-1, Dev-2;Orchestrate Eagles ;Vyaan Rajesh 1) Player of the Match: Dev (RDI Bisons)
  • 5th Place Play-off:: JFH Rhinos def Iris sharks 4-1 ( JFH Rhinos; Aarav jain 4; Iris sharks 1) Player of the Match: Aarav jain (JFH Rhinos)

Under 9

  • 1st Place Play-off: RDI Bisons def. Unitus capitals cheetahs ( RDI Bisons; Kushik 3 ; Unitus Capitals Cheetahs ;Rahul 1,Sehajvir 1) Player of the Match: Kushik ( RDI Bisons)
  • 3rd Place Play-off: Jobsforher Rhinos def Orchestrate Eagles 3-0 (Jobsforher Rhinos ; Dhruv 3) Player of the Match: Dhruv C
  • 5th Place Play-off: :BLK Lions drew Iris sharks 1-1( BLK Lions Vishnu Iyengar1; Iris Sharks Atul-1)

Under 11

  • 1st Place Play-off: RDI Bions drew Unitus capitals cheetahs 2-2 ( RDI Bions :Yash ballal 2 ;Unitus capitals cheetahs :Samrudh 1, Arjun 1) Player of the Match: Vignesh Vinod ( Unitus capitals cheetahs )
  • 3rd Place Play-off: Orchestrate eagles drew Jobsforher Rhinos (Orchestrate eagles ;Suhaan Banerjee1;Jobsforher Rhinos ;Yash pische 1) Player of the Match: GAVIN DHRUV
  • 5th Place Play-off: BLK Lions def Iris sharks 1-0 (BLK Lions ;Akhielesh 1 ) Player of the Match: Akhielesh

Under 13

  • M#21: Orchestrate eagles def RDI Bisons 5-0 ( Orchestrate eagles: Karan Agarwal 1,Zane Lateef 2,Ishaan Hinduja) Player of the Match: Ishaan Hinduja( Orchestrate Eagles)
  • M#20: BLK Lions def Jobsforher Rhinos 2-1 ( BLK Lions :Parikram Borah 1,Ahaan K 1; JFH Rhinos : Aaryan maini 1) Player of the Match: Tuzaan Khaleeli (BLK Lions)
  • M#19: Iris sharks def Roots foundation Hawks (Iris sharks : Rayaan Shakeer) Player of the Match: Rayaan shakeer
  • M#18: Candy Bazaar Stallions def Unitus capitals cheetahs 2-1( Candy Bazaar Stallions Edwin 2) .Player of the Match: EDWIN (Candy Bazaar Stallions)