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Moo Shake presents Roots Football League S4 #RFLSOOPERPIC

Posted by Roots Football on Thursday, March 3, 2016


Match Report - Final Day - Moo Shake presents Roots Football League.

The fourth season of the Moo Shake presents Roots Football League for junior footballers came to a close this weekend at the St. Johns’ Ground, Koramangala with the final league matches for Under 15, U13 & U11 being played. The Under 9 and Under 7 categories played the play off matches to decide champions of their league.

The Roots Football league formulated four years back to spread the football movement among junior footballers and parents and to provide a competitive yet fun environment for kids to play the game in an organized manner had 284 boys and girls participating in the fourth season. The unique aspect of the league is that all the participants register individually and are divided into teams based on age and skill. The league draws participation from children across the cross section of Bangalore right from footballing pockets like Murphy town, Ashok Nagar, to children from over 84 - NGO, CBSE, ICSE and international schools participating and competing together in the same team guided by parent volunteer coaches.

The fourth edition had 36 teams in five age categories and witnessed a phenomenal 665 goals from the 138 matches played on weekends across all the five age categories over the 2 month long season.

In the Under 15 category the Lions with a hat trick from Viraj Ghosh held on to their supremacy at the top of the table to convincingly defeat The Hood Rhinos 8-1 and win the Under 15 champions title (16 points). The Stallions defeated the Hawks 4-1 to climb onto second place (13 points). Unitus Capital Cheetahs the other title contender had a tough match against the Sharks which they lost 3-4 to remain on 12 points and settling for third place finish

The Under 13 category the Bisons, Eagles and The Hood Rhinos all tied on 11 points going into the last league match had everything to play for in the last round. The Hood Rhinos who needed an outright win to emerge champions (14 points), did so successfully with timely goals from Koushik Prabhu & Aryan M to defeat the Bisons 2-1. In the other crucial match the Unitus Capital Cheetahs won 2-0 over the Eagles to climb up two places and finish second (13 points).

In the Under 11 category the Stallions who were on second place on goal difference behind The Hood Rhinos going into the last league match, emerged champions (18 points) with goals from Yodin Rishyak & Zane Lateef after holding their nerves in a tight match with the Eagles that ended 2-1. The Hood Rhinos lost their match against the Unitus Capital Cheetahs 1-2 and remained on 15 points ending their title hopes. The Hawks capitalized and climbed onto second place (16 points) defeating Sharks 3-1.

In the Under 9 category the championship playoff match between the Bison’s and Sharks was a keenly contested match that ended 1-1, with both being declared joint champions.In the 3rd place playoff match The Hood Rhinos thumped the Eagles 3-1 to claim 3rd place.

In the Under 7 age category, the championship playoff match between the top two teams form the league the Sharks and Eagles, ended in a goalless draw match with no clear winner even after extra time. The Eagles kept their nerves during the penalties to emerge winners.In the 3rd place playoff match the Bisons and The Hood Rhinos played out an exciting match that finished 4 goals a piece at the end of full time. The penalties thereafter saw the Bisons marginally coming out on top to claim 3rd place.

Scores: Final Day

Under 15

  1. #M25: Lions def The Hood Rhinos 8-1 ( Lions: Viraj Ghosh 3, Mallon D'souza 1, Sumeet Bhagat 2, OG 1; The Hood Rhinos: L Kipgen 1). Player of the Match: Ebenezer Jones
  2. #M26: Stallions def Hawks 4-1 (Stallions: Gokul Joshua 1, Justin Rubinson 1, Santosh 2; Hawks: Dhanush R 1). Player of the Match: Justin Rubinson
  3. #M27: Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-3 ( Sharks: Manav Kapoor 1, Roshan Singh 1, Yuvraj 2; Unitus Capital Cheetahs:Rahgav Maheshwaran 1, Hamza Khan 1,Tharun S 1). Player of the Match:
  4. #M28: Bisons drew Eagles 5-5 ( Bisons: Camran Lateef 1, Zaid Wani 3, Tanay Hoskote 1; Eagles: Anish Kumar 1, Aryan Amla 1, Nikhil Raj 3). Player of the Match: Zaid Wani

Under 13

  1. #M25: The Hood Rhinos def Bisons 2-1 ( The Hood Rhinos: Koushik Prabhu 1, Aryan M 1; Bisons: Yashas Tarakaram 1). Player of the Match: Koushik Prabhu
  2. #M26: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Eagles 2-0 ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Neil Joseph 1, Hari Krishna 1). Player of the Match: Hari Krishna
  3. #M27: Sharks def Lions 4-2 (Sharks: Macarton louis 4; Lions: Lokanshu Malur 2). Player of the Match: Jyotsana Achal
  4. #M28 Hawks def Stallions 3-1 ( Hawks: Kalyaan Krishnan 1, Kishore K 2; Stallions: Sreenath S 1). Player of the Match: Kishore K

Under 11

  1. #M25: Hawks Def Sharks 3-1 ( Hawks: Zayan Wani 2, Venkatesh Vinod 1; Sharks: Fadil Hussain 1). Player of the Match: Vir Kamat
  2. #M26: Stallions def Eagles 2-1 ( Stallions: Yodhin Rishyak 1, Zane Lateef 1; Eagles: Karan Agarwal 1). Player of the Match: Shreyas Sridhar
  3. #M27: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def The Hood Rhinos 2-1 ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Suhaan Banerjee 1, Sahil Patel1; The Hood Rhinos: Samrudh Rathnam 1). Player of the Match: Manoj Kumar
  4. #M28: Bisons def Lions 7-1 ( Bisons: Adit Mathew 4, Shaun Sebastien 3; Lions: Matthew Kochuthommen 1). Player of the Match: Shaun Sebastien

Under 9

  1. 1st Place Playoff: Sharks drew Bisons 1-1 ( Sharks: Manit Shetty 1; Bisons; Vedant Shah 1). Player of the Match: Manohar Shenoy
  2. 3rd Place Playoff: The Hood Rhinios def Lions 3-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Yash Ballal 2, Ajay V 1; Lions: Karan Gopalan 1). Player of the Match: Yash Ballal

Under 7

  1. 1st Place playoff : Eagles def Sharks 0-0 [ 3-1 on penalties]. Player of the Match: Vir Amba
  2. 3rd Place Playoff: Bisons def The Hood Rhinos 4-4 [ 3-2 on penalties] ( Bisons: Sehajvir Arora 4; The Hood Rhinos: Varun pal 2, Yuv Bagaria 2). Player of the Match: Sehajvir Arora