Final Round update


Match Report – Final Round – Sunfeast Dream Cream Roots Football League

Football the winner. The movement continues.

The third season of the Sunfeast Dream Cream Roots Football League for junior fotballers came to a close this weekend at the Holy Ghost Church Ground, Richards Park with the final round of play off matches for Under 15, U13 & U11 being played. The Under 9 and Under 7 categories played the last match of their return round robin to decide champions of their league.

The Sunfeast Roots Football league formulated two years back to spread the football movement among junior footballers and parents and to provide a competitive yet fun environement for kids to play the game in an organised manner had 220 boys and girls participating in the third season. The unique aspect of the league is that all the participants register individually and are divided into teams based on age and skill. The league draws participation from children across the cross section of Bangalore right from footballing pockets like Murphy town, Ashok Nagar, to children from over 60 - NGO, CBSE, ICSE and international schools participating and competing together in the same team guided by parent volunteer coaches. The third edition had 26 teams in five age categories and witnessed a phenomeneal 372 goals from the 78 matches played on weekends across all the five age categories over the 2 month long season.

In the Under 7 age category, Sharks held their nerves and defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-1 to win their last league match and a virtual final to edge ahead and win the championship. Pramit Majumdar of Sharks again proved his worth by scoring a hat-trick.

The Under 9 matches saw the Lions defeat Unitus Capital Cheetahs 3-2 in a thrilling match that see sawed either ways. The victory helped them to hold on to their one point advantage in the standings over Orchestrate Eagles who also registered a win against the Sharks 4-0.

In the Under 11 category, the Sharks defeated the Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1 in a close fight to be crowned the champions.

In Under 13 finals playoff match the Sharks easily won against the Lions 5-1 to establish their supremacy and take revenge on their earlier loss to the Lions in the league stage. Gokul Joshua was once again the star performer for Sharks with 3 goals.

In the Under 15 finals the Bisons ousted Orchestrate Eagles 4-1 to become champions in the seniormost category.

Scores: February 28, 2015

Under 7 (LEAGUE ROUND - 6)

  • 1) Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-1 ( Sharks : Pramit Majumdar - 3,Ahan Gupta-1 ; Unitus Capital Cheetahs : Sehajvir Arora-1), MOM- Pramit Majumdar (Sharks)
  • 2) Lions def Orchestrate Eagles 3-1 (Lions : Milan Andrews - 3 ; Orchestrate Eagles : Shankar Kurup-1), MOM- Milan Andrews (Lions )
  • Highest Scorer – Pramit Majumdar (Sharks)
  • Best Player – Sehajvir Arora (unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • Promising Player – Shanka Kurup (Orchestrate Eagles)
  • Best Parent Coach – Rob Andrews (Lions)

Under 9 (LEAGUE ROUND - 6)

  • 1) Orchestrate Eagles def Sharks 4-0 ( Orchestrate Eagles : Vir Kamat-3, Ahmed Hussain-1), MOM- Ahmed Hussain ( Orchestrate Eagles )
  • 2) Lions def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 3-2 ( Lions : Samrudh Dewakar - 3 ; Unitus Capital Cheetahs : Mihiran M-2), MOM- Samrudh Dewakar ( Lions )
  • Highest Scorer – Mihiran (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • Best Player – Samrudh Dewakar (Lions)
  • Promising Player – Ahmed Hussain (Orchestrate Eagles)
  • Best Defender – Srikalyani (Sharks)
  • Best Goal keeper – Dhruv Sakaria (Sharks)
  • Best Parent Coach – Subhajyoti Banerjee (Orchestrate Eagles)


Under 11

  • Finals: Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1 (Sharks : Rayaan Shakeer-1, Siddhant Nair-1 ; Unitus Capital Cheetas : Gabriel Savage-1), MOM- Rayaan Shakeer (Sharks )
  • 3rd Place Match: Bisons def Lions 3-1 ( Tie-Breaker ), MOM- Neil ( Bisons )
  • 5th Place Match: Rhinos def Orchestrate Eagles 6-2 ( Rhinos : Mir Moosa-1, Tanish Shetty-3, Shayan Veer-2 ; Orchestrate Eagles : Rohaan Abraham-1, Som Kumar-1), MOM- Tanish Shetty ( Rhinos )
  • Highest Scorer – Zane Lateef (Sharks)
  • Best Player – Mac (Lions)
  • Promising Player – Faadil Hussain (Lions)
  • Best Defender – Aaryan D' Souza (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • Best Goal keeper – Kabir Hinduja (Bisons)
  • Best Parent Coach – Shreyas Shenoy (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)

Under 13

  • Finals: Sharks def Lions 5-1 ( Sharks : Nabeel Nayeer -1, Gokul Joshua - 3, Sachiv Sharath-1 ; Lions : Raghav Maheshwaran-1), MOM- Dev Sakaria (Sharks )
  • 3rd Place: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Orchestrate Eagles 2-0 ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs : Tarun-2), MOM- Tarun (Unitus Capital Cheetahs )
  • 5th Place: Rhinos def Bisons 3-2 ( Rhinos : Aryan Amla-3 ; Bisons : Ajay S-1, Vir Manepally-1), MOM- Rhea Appachu ( Bisons )
  • Highest Scorer – Gokul Joshua (Sharks)
  • Best Player – Raghav Maheshwaran (Lions)
  • Promising Player – Shreyas Ketkar (Orchestrate Eagles)
  • Best Defender – Tahir Hussain (Bisons)
  • Best Goal keeper – Jessica Thomas (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • Best Parent Coach – Nicky Appachu (Rhinos)

Under 15

  • Finals: Bisons def Orchestrate Eagles 4-1 (Bisons : Krish Masand-1, Fuzail Nayeer - 2, Advaith Shah-1 ; Orchestrate Eagles : Immanuel Joseph-1), MOM- Rithish Gopinath (Bisons)
  • 3rd Place Match: Sharks def Rhinos 1-0 ( Sharks : Aryan Anand-1), MOM- Aryan Anand (Sharks )
  • 5th Place Match: Lions def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 3-0 ( Lions : Sudarshan-2, Prajeet Das-1), MOM- Sudarshan (Lions)
  • Highest Scorer – Nikhil Raj (Orchestrate Eagles)
  • Best Player – Fuzail Nayeer (Bisons)
  • Promising Player – Pranav Wali (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • Best Defender – Arvind Venkatesh (Rhinos)
  • Best Goal keeper – Marvin Paul (Bisons)
  • Best Parent Coach – Pramod Nadig (Sharks)