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Match Report - Round 6 - Roots Football League Season 6.

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The fifth and sixth rounds of league matches were played on 17th and 18th of February 2018 at Turf park, Koramangala. In the weekend of upsets that saw the standings in constant state of flux in Under 13 category, the Drunken Monkey Eagles, Sharks and BLK lions are now neck to neck with each other on 12 points each. PN Rao Rhinos and Stallions keep themselves in the race for the title with 10 points each. PN Rao Rhinos and BLK Lions had a resurgent weekend, with PN Rao Rhinos winning their matches against Stallions and Sharks, while BLK Lions won against RFF Bisons and Unitus Capital Cheetahs. The championship will go down to the wire in the last match next week. The Drunken Monkey Eagles also won both their weekend matches against RFF Bisons and Aarwind Hawks to get to the top.

In the Under 11 category, The Stallions, BLK Lions and Drunken Monkey Eagles have everything to play for as the Stallions and BLK Lions are tied for the top spot with 13 points each and one game to spare, followed closely by Drunken Monkey Eagles (12 points) who lost an important match to the Stallions, and drew another with AAR WIND Hawks, while the Stallions lost to bottom placed Unitus Capital Cheetahs. BLK Lions won both their matches in the weekend to get to the top. The last match will be the deciding one for the three teams.

In the under 9 category, the Sharks topped the league and Drunken Monkey Eagles grabbed the second spot for the first place play-offs as they gained a head-to-head advantage over Unitus Capital Cheetahs in the league round with both the teams earning same points after the league. The first leg of the 1st place playoffs, Sharks gained advantage over the Drunken Monkey Eagles by defeating them 5-2. For the third place playoffs, Unitus Capital Cheetahs beat BLK Lions by 3-1, gaining advantage for the second leg. AAR Wind Hawks beat the PN Rao Rhinos with a comfortable 7-1 Victory for the 5th Place Playoff.

In the Under 7 category, after the end of the league rounds the team positions remained the same as Aar Wind Hawks topped the League with 4 wins and 1 draw followed by Sharks. Unitus Capital Cheetahs and PN Rao Rhinos finished third and fourth. In The first leg of the first place playoff, Sharks upset the league toppers AAR Wind Hawks by 5-3 to carry a two goal advantage in the Second leg. For the third place playoff, PN Rao Rhinos had a comfortable 9-2 win against Unitus Capital Cheetahs, carrying a huge seven goal advantage into the second leg.

Scores: Play Off Matches - First Leg

Under 7

  • M#16 - 1st Place :AAR Wind Hawks lost to Sharks 3-5 (AAR Wind Hawks: Rachit Daga 2,Shashangan 1;Sharks:Taran Roy 4,Vrishank S 1) Player of the Match:Taran Roy(sharks)
  • M#17 - 3rd Place:PN Rao Rhinos Def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 9-2 (PN Rao Rhinos:Vivaan Daga 1,Ishaan Chopra 7,Lakshan Bala 1;Unitus Capital Cheetahs:Anant Deshpande 2)Player Of the Match: Ishaan Chopra(PN Rao Rhinos)
  • M#18 - 5th Place:Blk Lions def Drunken Monkey Eagles 5-2(Blk Lions:Dhrun Sidana 3,Aaron Daniel 2:Drunken Monkey Eagles:Aiden D Souza 2)Player of the match:Neel Vikram(Blk Lions)

Under 9

  • M#16 - 1st Place:Sharks def. Drunken Monkey Eagles 5-2 (Sharks:Sehajvir Arora 3,Rahul Karthik 2;Drunken Monkey Eagles: Atul Pulipara 2) Player of the match: Rahul Karthik(Sharks)
  • M#17 - 3rd Place :Unitus Capital Cheetahs Def. BLK Lions 3-1(Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Dhruv Kaloo 3;BLK Lions:Nakul S 1)Player of the Match:Dhruv Kaloo(Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#18 - 5th Place:AAR Wind Hawks def. PN Rao Rhinos 7-1(AARwind Hawks: Kanishk Ghosh 5,Vedansh Goyal 1,Abhinav Raj 1;PN Rao Rhinos:Abraham Mathew 1)Player of the match:Kanishk Ghosh (AARwind Hawks)

League Round 6

Under 11

  • M#21:Drunken Monkey Eagles drew With Stallions 7-7 (Eagles:Yash Ballal 5,Pramit Majumdar 1,Advik Kurup 1;Stallions:Ayaan Sawant 1,Farid 3,Darshan Pai 1,Agamvir Arora 1,Aditya AK 1)Player of the Match: Farid (Stallions)
  • M#22:Unitus Capital Cheetahs lost to RFF Bisons 7-12 (Cheetahs:Dhruv Mattan 2,Kushik Poojary 2,Gautam Rajesh 3;Bisons:Pranjal 5,Aston 4,Laksh 2,Yashas Mehta 1)Player of the match:Aston Mathias(RFF Bisons)
  • M#23:AAR Wind Hawks Lost to BLK Lions 1-3 (AAR Wind Hawks:Dhruv 1;Lions:Neel Roy 2,Adrik Dey 1)player of the match:Nandan p(AARwind Hawks)
  • M#24:PN Rao Rhinos Def. Sharks 6-3(Rhinos:Kanva Shrish 5,Sujay S 1;Sharks:Akanksh m 2,Tanish Agrawal 1)Player of the Match:Vihith Mudumbe(PN Rao Rhinos)

Under 13

  • M#21:PN Rao Rhinos Def. Stallions 2-1 (Rhinos:Vaali Kishore 2;Stallions:Samrudh R 1)Player of the Match:Vaali Kishore(Rhinos)
  • M#22:Drunken Monkey Eagles vs AARwind Hawks 2-0 (Drunken Monkey Eagles given Walkover by AAR Wind Hawks)
  • M#23:Unitus Capital Cheetahs Lost to Sharks 2-4 (Cheetahs:Vignesh 1,Mihiran 1;Sharks:Gavin Rasquinha 4)Player of the Match: Samarth Somishetty(Sharks)
  • M#24:RFF Bisons Lost to Blk Lions 5-7(Bisons:Darin M 3,Arnav Palrecha 1,Bhavesh Nagarajan 1;Lions:Zidane.m 1,Kaustub PM 1,Yodhin Rishak 5)Player of the Match:Yodhin Rishak (BLK Lions)