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Match Report - Round 1 - Roots Football League Season 6.

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The Sixth successive edition of the Roots Football League organized by Game On Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. kicked off at the Turf Park in Koramangala. The two month long weekend football league has youngsters in the age groups of 4-13, demonstrating their football skills in a competitive environment. Divided into 4 categories; Under 7, Under 9, Under 11 & Under 13, each of the teams will play a minimum of 6 to7 matches to be crowned as the champions of the league in their respective categories.

A uniquely structured league format tournament, the Roots Football League will be played out in a league (round robin) format for all categories. The winners of U13 & U11, with 8 teams each follow a single round robin format. The winners of the U9's & U7's, with 6 teams are decided through a play-off system after the end of the round robin. The league follows the small sided games philosophy to give more touches to players and hence, developing more skillful players. The matches vary from 4-a-side, 5-a-side and 6-a-side depending on the age category. The duration of the matches also vary according to the age groups - with the U13s playing a 40 minutes match divided into four quarters of 10 minutes each, while the U7's play 30 minutes match divided into four quarters of 7.5 minutes each. Another unique feature of the league is that, all the players in a team have to play a minimum of 2 quarters in each match, to ensure everyone gets equal amount of playing time on the pitch. The last round of matches are scheduled on the 25th of February. All matches are officiated by referees from the Karnataka State Football Association.

The participants register themselves individually and are divided into teams based on their level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 32 parent coaches taking charge of various teams.

An opportunity for junior football players to participate in an organized playing environment, the RFL is an initiative towards inspiring more children in these age groups to make football their preferred sport and consequently building the base of football in the community.

Scores: League Round 1

Under 7

  • M#1: Drunken Monkey Eagle def BLK Lions 4-3 (Drunken Monkey Eagles : Aiden Dsouza 3, Ishaan Tripathi 1; BLK Lions : Dhruv Sidana 2, Vivaan Gupta 1) Player of the Match: Dhruv Sidana ( BLK Lions)
  • M#2: Aar Wind Hawks def PN Rao Rhinos 6-5 (Aar Wind Hawks: Rachit Daga 4, Kayaan Mehta 2; PN Rao Rhinos: Ari Bhattacharjee 1 , Vivaan Daga 1, Ishaan Chopra 2, Lakshan Bala 1) Player of the Match: Rachit Daga ( Aar Wind Hawks)
  • M#3: Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 8-3 (Sharks: Vrishank S 5, Tavish Daga 3; Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Sanvi Sudhakar 1, Hemang 2) Player of the Match: Vrishank S ( Sharks)

Under 9

  • M#1: BLK Lions drew Aar Wind Hawks 4-4 (BLK Lions: Shashank Savanth 1, Rohan Maniram 1, Hrihwik Mathan 1; Aar Wind Hawks: Kanishk Ghosh 3, Aarin Pallikandy 1) Player of the Match: Rohan Maniram ( BLK LIONS)
  • M#2: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def PN Rao Rhinos 7-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Dhruv Kaloo 4,Maximus Savage 1, Aoushka DJ 1, Manav Menda 1) Player of the Match: Dev Praveen ( PN Rao Rhinos)
  • M#3 : Sharks def Drunkey Monkey Eagles 8-3 (Sharks: Sehajvir Arora 4, Rahul Karthik 2, Aarsh Shome 1, Prahlad Bala 1: Drunken Monkey Eagles : Atul Pulipara 3) Player of the Match: Sehajvir Arora ( Sharks)

Under 11

  • M#1: Roots Football Foundation Bisons drew Aar Wind Hawks 7-7 (Roots Football Foundation Bisons : Pranjal G 3 , Vishnu Iyengar 3 , Aston Mathias 1 ; AAR WIND HAWKS : Dhruv Chezhian 3 , Vishruth 2, Dev Santosh 1, Yuvraj Saini 1) Player of the Match: Dhruv Chezhian (Aar Wind Hawks)
  • M#2: PN Rao Rhinos def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 5-3 (PN Rao Rhinos: Kanva Shirish 2, Manit Shetty 2, Siddharth Jayanth 1; Unitus Captal Cheetahs: Gautam Rajesh 2) Player of the Match: Kanva Shirish ( PN Rao Rhinos)
  • M#3: Drunken Monkey Eagles drew BLK Lions 6-6 (Drunken Monkey Eagles: Yash Bhallal 3 , Mihir Karve 1, Pramit Majumdar 1, Advik Kurup 1; BLK Lions: Liyan Thanveer 4, Adrik Dey 1 , Joel Moses 1) Player of the Match: Liyan Thanveer ( BLK LIONS)
  • M#4: Stallions def Sharks 9-2 (Stallions: Farid Abdussemee 5, Ayaan Savant 2, Darshan Pie 1, Ngamgouguun Haokip 1; Sharks: Tanish Agarwal 1, Pranav Bhooshith 1) Player of the Match: Farid Abdussemee ( Stallions)

Under 13

  • M#1: Drunken Monkey Eagles lost to Sharks 3-6 ( Drunken Monkey Eagles : Anshul P 3 ; Sharks : Jai Arora 2, Grihith Parreddi 2, Gavin Rasquinha 2) Player of the Match: Anshul P (Drunken Monkey Eagles)
  • M#2: Roots Football Foundation Bisons def Aar Wind Hawks 6-1 (Roots Football Foundation Bisons : Ishaan Hinduja 3, Uddhish MP 2, Bhavesh Nagarajan 1 ;Aar Wind Hawks : Sachin Kumar 1) Player of the Match: Sachin Kumar (Aar Wind Hawks)
  • M#3: PN Rao Rhinos drew Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-2 (PN Rao Rhinos : Yash Pische 1 , Vaali Kishore 1; Unitus Capital Cheetahs : Vignesh V 2) Player of the Match: Nakul Ajay ( PN Rao Rhinos)
  • M#4: Stallions def BLK Lions 2-1 (Aaryan Bharadwaj 1, Saahil Gupta 1; BLK Lions: Suhaan B 1) Player of the Match: Aryan Bharadwaj ( STALLIONS)