Round 3 update


Match Report - Round 3 - Roots Football League Season 5.

Three rounds into the Roots Football League (RFL), and the fight to the summit gets more intense.

In Under 13, Iris Sharks continueded their dominace by beating BLK Lions ( 5-3). Iris Sharks sits on top on the table with 9 points. Macarton Louis scored 5 goals and helped the Orchestrate Eagles def Candy Bazaar Stallions 8-2.

In Under 11, Unitus Capital Cheetahs continued their victory march betaing Orchestrate Eagles 1-0 in a closely caught match.

In Under 9, Rahuk Karthiks hattrick helped Unitus Capital Cheetahs beat Iris Sharks 3-0.

In Under 7, It was a comeback week as Iris Sharks and Orchestrate Eagle won their first match.

Scores: League Round 3

Under 7

  • M#7: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Jobsforher Rhinos 6-3( Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Rayyaan 3, Manav Menda 2; Jobsforher Rhinos : Medhannsh Verma 2) Player of the Match: Ryyaan (Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#8: Orchestrate Eagles def RDI Bisons 2-0 (Orchestrate Eagles: Larisa R 1, Vyaan Rajesh 1) Player of the Match: Larisa R ( Orchestrate Eagles)
  • M#9: Iris Sharks def BLK Lions 2-0 (Iris Sharks: Tran Roy 1, Varun Padaki 1) Player of the Match: Taran Roy ( Iris Sharks)

Under 9

  • M#7: Jobsforher Rhinos def Orchestrate Eagles 2-1 (Jobsforher Rhinos: Yuv Bagaria 1 ,Vedansh Goyal 1: Orchestrate Eagles : Adrik Dey 1) Player of the Match:
  • M#8: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Iris Sharks 3-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs:Rahul Karthik 3) Player of the Match: Rahul Karthik ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#9 : RDI Bisons drew BLK Lions 0-0. Player of the Match: Dyuthi Menon ( BLK Lions)

Under 11

  • M#7 : BLK Lions drew Jobs For Her Rhinos 3-3 ( BLK Lions: Neel Roy 1, Pranav Srikanth 1; Jobsforher Rhinos : Aston Mathias 3) Player of the Match: Aston Mathias ( Jobsforher Rhinos)
  • M#8: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Orchestrate Eagles 1-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Samrudh Deewakar ) Player of the Match: Samrudh Deewakar ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  • M#9: RDI Bisons def Iris Sharks 4-3 (RDI Bisons : Yash Ballal 2 , Jai Arora 1; Iris Shraks: Mihiran M 2, Ahmed Hussain 1) Player of the Match: Mihiran M ( Iris Sharks)

Under 13

  • M#9: Iris Sharks def BLK Lions 5-3 ( Iris Sharks: Rayaan Shakeer 4 , Daksh Kapoor 1 ; BLK Lions : Tuzaan Khaleeli 2, Parikram Borah 1) Player of the Match: Rayaan Shakeer ( Iris Sharks)
  • M#10: Roots Football Foundation Hawks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 4-0 (Roots Football Foundation Hawks : Garihith Parreddi 2, Rajveer Ballal 1, Neil Joseph 1) Player of the Match: Neil Joseph ( Roots Football Foundation Hawks)
  • M#11: Orchestrate Eagles def Candy Bazaar Stallions 8-2 (Orchestrate Eagles: Macarton Louis 5, Karan Agarwal 3; Candy Bazaar Stallions: Yodhin Rishak 1, Siddharth R 1 )Player of the Match: Macarton Louis ( Orchestrate Eagles)
  • M#12: Jobs For Her Rhinos def RDI Bisons 4-0 ( Jobsforher Rhinos: Aaryan Maini 3, Amogh Gachi 1)Player of the Match: Aaryan Maini (Jobs For Her Rhinos)