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Moo Shake presents Roots Football League S4 - Day 3 #RFLSOOPERPIC

Posted by Roots Football on Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Match Report - Round 3 - Moo Shake presents Roots Football League.

In Under 15, The Bisons trailing throughout the match, scored an equaliser in the dying moments to draw their match with Sharks (3-3). Unitus Capital Cheetahs upset previous week’s leaders the Lions (5-0) to climb onto joint second place alongside the Lions. Aryan Amla scored 4 goals and helped the Eagles defeat Stallions by 10-1 and move to the top of the league with a 1 lead. In another match The Hood Rhinos came back strongly in the last quarter to defeat the Hawks by 5-1.

In Under 13, the Lions defeated Bisons by 4-2 to go on top of the table with 7 points along with the Eagles who drew their match against the Stallions. The Sharks defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs by 2-1 while the The Hood Rhinos drew their match with Hawks (1-1) in another closely fought match.

In Under 11, The Stallions narrowly defeated Sharks by 2-1 while the Hawks with a hat trick by Venkatesh Vinod defeated a spirited Lions by 4-2 to maintain their joint leads at the top of the table with 7 points. Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated Eagles by 3-1 and The Hood Rhinos defeated Bisons by 3-1 to move into joint second place on 6 points.

In Under 9, The Sharks continued their undefeated run by triumphing over Bisons in a closely fought match 2-1. Yash Bhallal scored five goals to lead The Hood Rhinos in defeating the Unitus Capital Cheetahs by 5-0. In another match Karan Gopalan (Lions) of Bethany High scored 2 goals and helped his team Lions to get 3 points against the Eagles and move onto second place.

In Under 13, Macarton scored 5 goals to lead Sharks to victory over The Hood Rhinos by 9-1. Bisons defeated Unitus Capital Cheetahs by 4-2. Gabriel Savage (Bisons) of Mallya Aditi International School scored 2 goals. Lions defeated Stallions by 4-2. Eagles defeated Hawks by 2-0.

In Under 7, Sharks bolstered by a hat trick by Ahan Gupta snatched a narrow win over the Lions (3-2) and moved onto joint top alongside The Hood Rhinos who drew their match Unitus Capital Cheetahs. Bisons defeated Eagles by 4-2 with Sehajvir (Bisons) scoring a hat trick.

Scores: League Round 3

Under 7

  1. M#7: Bisons def Eagles 4-2 ( Bisons: Sehajvir 3, Rayan S 1; Eagles: Rahul Karthik 2) Player of the Match: Sehajvir (Bisons)
  2. M#8: Unitus Capital Cheetahs drew The Hood Rhinos 1-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Maximus Savage 1; The Hood Rhinos: Varun Pal 1) Player of the Match: Varun Pal (The Hood Rhinos)
  3. M#9: Sharks def Lions 3-2 (Sharks: Ahan Gupta 3 ; Lions: Vandan Daga 1, Raghav Karthik 1) Player of the Match: Ahan Gupta (Sharks)

Under 9

  1. M#7: Sharks def Bisons 2-1 (Sharks: Aston Mathias 1, Manit Shetty 1 ; Bisons: Vedant Shah 1) Player of the Match: Manit Shetty (Sharks)
  2. M#8: The Hood Rhinos def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 5-0 (The Hood Rhinos: Yash Bhallal 5) Player of the Match: Yash Bhallal
  3. M#9: Lions def Eagles 2-0 (Lions: Karan Gopalan 2) Player of the Match: Karan Gopalan

Under 11

  1. M#9 : Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Eagles 3-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Suhaan Banerjee 1, Sahil Patel 1, Vaibhav Thirumalai 1 ; Eagles: Karan Agarwal 1) Player of the Match: Suhaan Banerjee
  2. M#10: Hawks def Lions 4-2 (Hawks: Venkatesh Vinod 3 , Zayan Wani 1 ; Lions: Matthew Kochuthommen 2) Player of the Match: Venkatesh Vinod (Hawks)
  3. M#11 : Stallions def Sharks 2-1 (Stallions: Yodhin Rishyak 1, Zane Lateef 1 ; Sharks: Aryan Sathaye 1) Player of the Match: Yodhin (Stallions)
  4. M#12: The Hood Rhinos def Bisons 3-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Vansh Bhallal 2, Aaryan Maini 1 ; Bisons: Akash CS 1) Player of the Match: Aaryan Maini (The Hood Rhinos)

Under 13

  1. M#9 : Eagles drew Stallions 0-0 Player of the Match: Rayan Shakeer (Eagles)
  2. M#10: Lions def Bisons 4-2 (Lions: Shreyas Ghosh 2, Lokanshu Malur 2 ; Bisons: Gabriel Savage 2) Player of the Match: Lokanshu Malur (Lions)
  3. M#11: Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1 (Shraks: Amogh Gachi 2 ; Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Neil Joseph 1) Player of the Match: Amogh Gachi (Sharks)
  4. M#12: The Hood Rhinos drew Hawks 1-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Koushik Prabhu 1 ; Hawks: Rahil Patel 1) Player of the Match: Rahil Patel (Hawks)

Under 15

  1. M#9: Eagles def Stallions 10-1 (Eagles: Anish Kumar 1, Arnav Raja 2, Aryan Amla 4, Nikhil Raj 3; Stallions: Gokul Joshua 1). Player of the Match: Anish Kumar (Eagles)
  2. M#10: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Lions (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Raghav Maheshwaran 2, Sanand Varivar 1, Madhur Lakshman 1, Tharun 1; Lions : Viraj Ghosh 1, Mallone Dsouza 1, Arnav Reddy 1, Jagan S1) . Player of the Match: Raghav Maheshwaran ( Unitus Capital Cheetahs)
  3. M#11: Sharks drew Bisons 3-3 (Sharks: Yuvraj 2, Roshan Singh 1; Bisons: Tanay Hoskote 2, Camran Lateef 1) Player of the Match:Yuvraj( Sharks)
  4. M#12: The Hood Rhinos def Hawks 5-1 (Banu Prakash 4, Shankara Narayan 1; Hawks: Ajay S 1) Player of the Match: Banu Prakash (The Hood Rhinos)