Season 4 kicks off

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Posted by Roots Football on Thursday, 28 January 2016


Moo Shake presents Roots Football League - Season 4 kicks off.

  • 284 boys and girls from over 85 schools in Bangalore
  • 36 teams in 5 age categories: U7,U9, U11, U13 & U15 between the age of 4-15 years.
  • 42 parent volunteer coaches who manage the teams
  • 2 new teams in each age category added from Season 4

The fourth edition of the Moo Shake presents Roots Football League organized by Game On Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. kicked off at the St. John’s Sports Complex in Koramangala. The two month long weekend football league has youngsters in the age groups of 4-15, demonstrating their football skills in a competitive environment. Divided in 5 categories; Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15, each of the teams will play a minimum of 6/7 matches to be crowned the champions of the league in their respective categories.

A uniquely structured league format tournament, the Moo Shake presents Roots Football League will be played out in a league (round robin) format for all categories. The winners of U15, U13 and U11, with 8 teams each follow a single round robin format. The U9's & U7's, with 6 teams are decided through a play-off system after the end of the round robin. The league follows the small sided games philosophy to give more touches to players and develop more skilful players. The matches vary from 4v4, 5v5 and 6-a-side depending on the age category. The duration of the matches also vary according to the age groups - with the U15s playing a 50 minutes match divided into four quarters of 12.5 minutes each, while the U7's play four quarters of 5 minutes each. Another unique feature of the league is that, all the players in a team have to play a minimum of 2 quarters in each match, to ensure everyone gets equal playing time. The last round of matches is scheduled on the 28th of February. All matches are officiated by referees from the Karnataka State Football Association.

The participants who register individually are divided into teams based on their level of play and are coached by parent volunteers, with as many as 42 parent coaches taking charge of various teams.

An opportunity for junior football players to participate in an organized playing environment, the RFL is an initiative towards inspiring more children in these age groups to make football their preferred sport and consequently building the base of football in the community.


League Round 1: 24th January, 2016

Under 7

  1. M# 1: The Hood Rhinos def Bisons 8-2 (The Hood Rhinos: Varun Pal 2, Yuv Bagaria 3, Philbert Ronalton 3; Bisons: Ishaan Sreedhar 1, Ryyan S 1) Player of the Match- Yuv Bagaria
  2. M# 2: Eagles drew Sharks 1-1(Eagles: Vir Amba 1; Sharks: Ahan Gupta 1) Player of The Match- Rahul Karthik
  3. M# 3: Lions def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1 (Lions: Raghav Karthik 1, Vikrant Kamat 1; Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Maximus Savage 1) Player of The Match- Vikrant Kamat

Under 9

  1. M# 1: Lions def The Hood Rhinos 3-1 (Lions: Pramit Majumdar 2, Karan Gopalan 1; The Hood Rhinos: (own goal) Player of The Match- Pramit Majumdar
  2. M# 2: Bisons def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-0 (Bisons: Sahil Tejam 1, Aarush Urs 1) Player of The Match- Vedant Shah
  3. M# 3: Sharks def Eagles 3-0 (Sharks: Aston Mathias 2, Manit Shetty 1) Player of The Match- Aston Mathias

Under 11

  1. M# 1:Stallions def Bisons 5-3 (Stallions: Zane Lateef 1, Sumanth M 1, Shreyas Sridhar 1, Aban Khan 1 & own goal 1; Bisons: Adit Mathew 1, Shaun Sebastian 2) Player of The Match-Zane Lateef
  2. M# 2: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Lions 5-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Mir Moosa 3, Suhaan Banerjee 2) Player of The Match- Mir Moosa
  3. M# 3: Hawks def The Hood Rhinos 5-4 (Hawks: Venkatesh Vinod 4, Dhrtva Hedge 1; The Hood Rhinos: Aaryan Maini 4) Player of The Match-Venkatesh Vinod
  4. M# 4: Eagles def Sharks 3-2 (Eagles: Karan Agarwal 1, Mihiran M 1, Surya Varikuti 1; Sharks: Faadil Hussain 1, Aryan Sathaye 1) Player of The Match- Mihiran M

Under 13

  1. M# 1: Unitus Capital Cheetahs drew The Hood Rhinos 2-2 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Devdutt M 1, Sujal Ahmed 1; The Hood Rhinos Shreyas Ketkar 1, Koushik Prabhu 1)Player of The Match- Devdutt M
  2. M# 2: Bisons def Stallions 2-1 (Bisons: Gabriel Savage 2; Stallions Raghav Appaiah 1) Player of The Match- Gabriel Savage
  3. M# 3: Lions drew Hawks 3-3 (Lions: Shreyas Ghosh 1, Suman Sudhakar 1, Lokanshu Malur 1; Hawks: Rahil Patel 2, Kishore K 1) Player of The Match- Rahil Patel
  4. M# 4: Eagles def Sharks 6-2 (Eagles: Rayan Shakeer 6; Sharks: Macarton 1, Amogh Gachi 1) Player of The Match- Rayan Shakeer.

Under 15

  1. M# 1: The Hood Rhinos drew Bisons 5-5 (The Hood Rhinos: Kipgen 2, Shankara Narayan 3; Bisons: Zaid Wani 2, Prajeet Das 2, Tanay Hoskote 1) Player of The Match- Kipgen
  2. M# 2: Lions def Stallions 4-3 (Lions: Viraj Ghosh 2, Mallone Dsouza 1, Arnav Reddy 1; Stallions: Gokul Joshua 3)Player of The Match- Viraj Ghosh
  3. M# 3: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Hawks 6-2 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Raghav Maheshwaran 4, Hamza Khan 1 & own goal 1 ; Hawks: Tarun 1, Dhanush R 1) Player of The Match- Raghav Maheshwaran
  4. M# 4: Eagles def Sharks 14-4 (Eagles: Anish Kumar 4, Arnav Raja 2, Aryan Amla 2 Nikhil Raj 2, Mohammed Abubakr 3; Sharks: Manav Kapoor 2, Yuvraj 2) Player of The Match- Anish Kumar