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Posted by Roots Football on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Match Report - Day 6 - Moo Shake presents Roots Football League.

After the end of the penultimate round of matches, the league tables is interestingly poised with the championship still widely open, and everything depending on the results of the last round of matches.

In Under 15, Hawks showed some resilience to hold table toppers Lions (12 points) to a 2-2 draw. Unitus Capital Cheetahs’ victory over Bisons placed them on 2nd spot on the table, giving them a fair chance at the title, just 1 point behind group leaders Lions. While Sharks and Stallions played out a 5-5 draw, The Hood Rhinos lost 5-6 to Eagles in a closely fought encounter. The star for Eagles was Nikhil Raj of St. Meera High School scoring 4 goals. The Stallions and Eagles still have an outside chance at the title being tied on 10 points each.

In Under 13, the table is looking really interesting with The Hood Rhinos, Bisons & Eagles all on 11 points. Unitus Capital Cheetahs is also not far behind with 10 points. In this week's matches, Eagles even after suffering a 2-1 defeat to The Hood Rhinos have managed to hold on to their top spot. Sharks edged past Stallions with a 3-2 win. While the Bisons were held on to a 2-2 draw by Hawks, Unitus Capital Cheetahs beat Lions 3-0 to keep their title hopes alive. With only 1 round of matches to go, anything can happen.

In Under 11, league toppers for the past few weeks, Hawks, faced a 2-1 defeat in the hands of the Stallions, which dropped them to the 3rd place, while Stallions grabbed the opportunity to move to 2nd spot. In another match, The Hood Rhinos thrashed Lions 10-1 to secure the top place in the league. Aaryan Maini of Headstart Educational Academy notched up 5 goals. Eagles beat Bisons 5-3 with the help of braces from Karan Agarwal and Mihiran M and Sharks defeated Cheetahs 2-1. With the last match to go, The Hood Rhinos and Stallions are the favourite's to win with the Hawks still with an outside chance.

In Under 9, Lions failed to ensure a victory against League toppers Sharks, when a last minute goal by Aston Mathias of Sharks spoiled the party for Lions to draw the match 4-4. Bisons after holding on to draw their match against The Hood Rhinos, with a score of 1-1, managed to secure the 2nd spot giving themselves a shot at the title in the playoff match against Sharks this coming Sunday. In another match Unitus Capital Cheetahs defeated Eagles 2-1, with Ahmed Hussain of Al Basheer International School scoring a brace for the Cheetahs.

In Under 7, Bisons failed to register a win against Unitus Capital Cheetahs despite valiant efforts from Sehajvir Arora of Greenwood High School. Maximus Savage of Unitus Capital Cheetahs played great doing the work of a defender and also going forward to score 2 goals. Sharks continued their winning run with a 10-2 thumping over The Hood Rhinos who missed a couple of key players. Isvar Machani was the star of the match with 6 goals. Eagles drew their match 2-2 against Lions. On the last day of the league, this coming Sunday, Sharks will meet the Eagles in the playoffs for the first place while Bisons will face the Hood Rhinos to get the 3rd place, while Unitus Capital Cheetahs and Lions play the other playoff match.

Scores: Day 6

Under 15

  1. #M21: Eagles def The Hood Rhinos 6-5 (Eagles: Anish Kumar 1, Arnav Raja 1, Nikhil Raj 4; The Hood Rhinos: Karthik Kumar 2, Bhanu Prakash 2, Karthik Kumar 1). Player of the Match: Nikhil Raj
  2. #M22: Stallions drew Sharks 5-5 (Stallions: Gokul Joshua 3, Santosh2; Sharks: Sharan Kumar 3, Yuvraj 2). Player of the Match: Santosh
  3. #M23: Lions drew Hawks 2-2 (Lions: Arnav Reddy 1, Vimal S 1; Hawks: Tarun 1, Skanda Kiran 1 [OG]). Player of the Match- Tarun
  4. #M24: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Bisons 6-3 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Pranav Wali 1, Anirudh Achal 3, Madhur Lakshman 2; Bisons: Prajeet Das 2, Tanay Hoskote 1). Player of the Match : Madhur Lakshman

Under 13

  1. #M21: The Hood Rhinos def Eagles 2-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Shreyas Ketkar 2; Eagles: Tuzaan Khaleeli 1). Player of the Match - Shreyas Ketkar
  2. #M22: Sharks def Stallions 3-2 (Sharks: Macarton Louis 1, Amogh Gachi 1, Ethan Lyngdoh 1; Stallions: Raghav Appaiah 1, Aadi Narayan 1). Player of the Match: Jyotsana Achal
  3. #M23: Hawks drew Bisons 2-2 (Hawks: Rahil Patel 1, Daksh Kapoor 1; Bisons: Gabriel Savage 1, Zaid Mohammed 1). Player of the Match- Zaid Mohammed.
  4. #M24: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Lions 3-0 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Devdutt Menon 1, Sujal Ahmed 2). Player of the Match- Devdutt Menon

Under 11

  1. #M21: Eagles def Bisons 5-3 (Eagles: Karan Agarwal 2, Mihiran M 2; Bisons: Adit Mathew 2, Shaun Sebastien 1). Player of the Match: Karan Agarwal
  2. #M22: Sharks def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-1 (Sharks: Aryan D'Souza 1, Arhan Gupta 1; Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Mir Mohammed Moosa 1 ) Player of the Match: Aryan D'souza
  3. #M23: The Hood Rhinos def Lions 10-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Aaryan maini 5, Samrudh Rathnam 2, Vivaan Gupta 1, Vansh Bhallal 2; Lions: Yusuf Sharif 1). Player of the Match:
  4. #M24:Stallions def Hawks 2-1 (Stallions: Yodhin Rishyak 1, Abaan Khan 1; Hawks: Vir Kamat 1) Player of the Match: Vir Kamat

Under 9

  1. #M13: Lions drew Sharks 4-4 (Lions: Karan Gopalan 2, Bilal Khan 1, Aarush Vasanadu 1 [OG]; Sharks: Aston Mathias 2, Nevyn Shah 1, Manit Shetty 1). Player of the Match: Bilal Khan
  2. #M14: Unitus Capital Cheetahs def Eagles 2-1 (Unitus Capital Cheetahs: Ahmed Hussain 2; Eagles: Kushik Poojary 1). Player of the Match: Ahmed Hussain
  3. #M15: The Hood Rhinos drew Bisons 1-1 (The Hood Rhinos: Yash Bhallal 1; Bisons: Vedant Shah 1). Player of the Match: Aarush Arun Urs

Under 7

  1. #M13: Eagles drew Lions 2-2 (Eagles: Rohit P 1, Haaniah Ahmed 1; Lions: Raghav Karthik 1, Vikrant Kamat 1). Player of the Match: Rohit P
  2. #M14: Sharks def The Hood Rhinos 10-2 (Sharks: Ahan Gupta 2, Isvar Machani 6, Samanyu Sudhakar 1, Sujan 1; The Hood Rhinos: Philbert Ronalton 2). Player of the Match: Isvar Machani
  3. #M15: Bisons def Unitus Capital Cheetahs 2-2 (Bisons: Sehajvir Arora 2; Unitus capital Cheetahs: Maximus Savage 2). Player of the Match: Aranis Arora.