Rules and Regulations

Association rules of football will be applied with the following exceptions:


    • Players must dress in proper football attire - Jersey & Shorts (RFL Kits provided )
    • Shin guards and stockings should be worn at all times, players will not be allowed on the pitch otherwise.
    • Footwear – Rubber studs or sports shoes only.
    • Watches, Rings, Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. will not be allowed during matches

    Each match will be played in 4 equal quarters
    Age Category Game Format Match Duration Half Time Interval Ball Size
    Under 13 5-a-side 40 mins 2 mins 5
    Under 11 6 a side 30 mins 2 mins 4
    Under 9 6 a side 24 mins 2 mins 4
    Under 7 4 a side 20 mins 2 mins 3
    *Game format and match duration subject to confirmed participants in each age category
  3. TEAM

    A team can only play with the Registered players.


    • The match is divided into 4 quarters.
    • Substitutions can only be made at the start of each quarter.
    • Minimum playing condition: It is mandatory for every player in a team to play at least 2 quarters of the match. Rolling substitutions can be made in the 4 th quarter; if all the players have played the mandatory 2 quarters by the end of the 3 rd quarter.
    • If case of an injury due to which a player can no longer be part of the match, a substitution is allowed for the injured player.

    No offside rule.


    • No goal kick, instead the goalkeeper throws the ball into play from inside the penalty area.
    • Goalkeeper cannot touch a back pass/ kick-in from his team mate with his hands (indirect kick from outside 'D' area)

    All infringements by goalkeeper - an indirect free kick will be awarded to opponent.


    • Winner 3 points; Draw 1 point; Loss 0 point.
    • If a walkover is awarded to any team, the team will get 3 points and 2 goals.
    • Positions in the group will be based on points.
    • In case of a tie for points, the winner will be decided in the following order:
      • Goal Difference
      • Goals "For"
      • Goals " Against"
      • Tie breaker

    • Any requests for postponement or change of match timings will not be entertained.
    • The League coordinator or organizers may at their discretion, postpone /alter the time of a match/change the venue due to unavoidable circumstances.
    • Teams should report 30 minutes before scheduled start of their match.
    • Organizers are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings of participants. Every individual should take precautionary measures for the safety of their personal belongings.
    • The decision of the referee will be final in all matters during the match.
    • The Match Committee shall take appropriate action against any player misconduct or unfair play during the tournament.
    • In matters of doubt not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the match committee/ League coordinator will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rules
    • The Match Committee reserves the right to amend these Rules at any time if it considers such an action to be in the best interests of the competition.

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